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11/21/06: Infrastruct Security Acquires Two Local Security Firms

11/06/06: Integrator Partners with Public and Private Officials
IS Event featured in SDM Magazine

10/17/06: Kimmons Security Services, Inc. partners with Infrastruct Security to provide investigative services.

10/04/06: Department Of Homeland Security To Enforce New Chemical Security Legislation

09/22/06: Security Forum: Perspectives On Suicide Bombing

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Infrastruct Security, Inc. offers the leading SVA methodology tool: I-VAS. This approved and certified Security Vulnerability Assessment tool (or SVA) was created in cooperation with TEEX (The Texas Engineering Extension Service) to take the confusion out of government regulations and 'make the complex, simple and actionable™.'

sva, security vulnerability assessments, oil & gas, texas, gulf coast, louisiana gpetrochemicalAs the lead offering of our consulting division, our SVA (Security Vulnerability Assessment) is a systematic methodology for identifying a facility's threats and vulnerabilities with the goal of establishing domain awareness. It determines the consequences and the likelihood of a successful attack against an asset by evaluating the attractiveness of an asset to an adversary, the degree of threat posed, and the level of vulnerability.

The purpose of conducting an SVA is to identify security threats and vulnerabilities facing a facility. Our SVA methodology delivers countermeasures designed to protect the company, its workers, environment, and our national interests. With this information security risks can be assessed and strategies can be formed to reduce vulnerabilities as required. An SVA is the first step in ensuring the understanding of how threats to a company translate into risks of business continuity.

Our consulting team has years of experience in Threat Evaluation, Risk Assessment, Team Development/Training, Vulnerability Assessments, Technical Design and Mitigation. Members of the consulting team are trained conductors and trainers in SVAs through TEEX (Texas Engineering Extension Services), and other industry methodologies such as API/NPRA, Sandia National Laboratories, CCPS, and the ACC.

Whatever your company's size and operations, Infrastruct Security, Inc. is ready to provide the security support needed at the intensity required.

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