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11/21/06: Infrastruct Security Acquires Two Local Security Firms

11/06/06: Integrator Partners with Public and Private Officials
IS Event featured in SDM Magazine

10/17/06: Kimmons Security Services, Inc. partners with Infrastruct Security to provide investigative services.

10/04/06: Department Of Homeland Security To Enforce New Chemical Security Legislation

09/22/06: Security Forum: Perspectives On Suicide Bombing

Card Readers or Biometric Devices Long Range Reader Systems Asset Tagging Systems Mustering Systems for Personnel Positioning Integrated Software Complete Gate Entry Systems
Infrastruct Security, Inc.
creates interactive learning opportunities to enhance individual security knowledge and readiness through personnel training:

  • Restricted (Government) Personnel Training & Development
  • Limited (Security) Personnel Training & Development
  • Scenario Driven Preparation
  • IT and Physical Security Convergence Training
  • SVA Team Development and TEEX Certified Trainers
  • Counterterrorism Services

(Limited to Government Personnel)

Global Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism
This introductory class offers an overview of the history and source of hatred within the Muslim culture towards the West and how it has developed into the current terrorist campaign. It covers a variety of related terrorist activities from 1928 to the present day.

Understanding Hamas
This class focuses on the Hamas – following its evolution from a simple social movement to one of today’s most significant terror groups. We also review a sample Hamas suicide bomber case to study their individual style and tactics.

Understanding The Palestinian Islamic Jihad
This class focuses on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and its ties to Iran.

The Suicide Bomber Culture
Learn about the motivating forces behind the suicide bomber phenomenon. Understand the mind-set of suicide bombers and the culture and environment which fosters and promotes them.

(Security Professionals)

teex, texas engineering extension services, sva, regulatory compliance, security methodologiesTEEX VASDM Certified Trainer
We offer training in conducting SVAs through TEEX (Texas Engineering Extension Services) and other
industry methodologies such as API/NPRA, Sandia National Laboratories, CCPS, and the ACC.

Dealing With The Suicide Bomber Threat
This class provides tools and procedures which help a security specialist identify and thwart a potential suicide bomber attack.

Mail Used as a Trojan Horse
Prevent the intrusion of a bomb and/or chemical/biological weapon into your site via the mail. Organize your mail room to prevent shutting down the entire facility in case of the arrival of suspicious mail or packages.

School Bus Security Seminar
The enemy will conduct their terror campaign by any means possible. This class will provide school bus drivers and their supervisors tools to recognize and prevent the enemy from making buses terror targets.

Professional Security Prevention
We will provide you with the Israeli concepts and methodologies on how to prepare and secure a site. Learn how to observe, search, and identify suspicious objects and activities and then how to handle these threats safely once found.

The Security Plan Concepts
This course offers professional security personnel with innovative security plan concepts: How To Suit the Site to Your Needs, How and Where to Search For Suspicious Items, How and Where to Observe Suspicious Activity, and Procedures – The Link between the Site, Equipment and Human Resources.

Integrating the Human Factor
Ideas on how to integrate the private guard sector with the local Police Department.

Executive International Travel Protection
A preventive behavior course that will provide tools for the business traveler on how to keep himself from being the victim of a terror attack or crime. This course is custom designed to suit your company’s specific needs and policies.

Workplace Violence
Increase awareness of the early warning signs of workplace violence and how to use that knowledge to secure your company against it. Also covered: methods for de-escalating potentially hostile situations and how to encourage employee support in the prevention of workplace violence.

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