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Latest Houston Crime Statistics

11/21/06: Infrastruct Security Acquires Two Local Security Firms

11/06/06: Integrator Partners with Public and Private Officials
IS Event featured in SDM Magazine

10/17/06: Kimmons Security Services, Inc. partners with Infrastruct Security to provide investigative services.

10/04/06: Department Of Homeland Security To Enforce New Chemical Security Legislation

09/22/06: Security Forum: Perspectives On Suicide Bombing

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Many Challenges, One Solution

Infrastruct Security, Inc. utilizes a team-based consultative approach to security. Our specialized experts work collaboratively to ensure the diverse areas of physical security, cyber security, and security processes and procedures are integrated into one comprehensive security plan. We offer a complete customized facility security plan aimed at the prevention of attacks or events with the potential for widespread casualties or damage.

Security Audits & Regulatory Compliance

Infrastruct Security, Inc's consultants have close liaisons with the Department of Energy and the Defense Intelligence Agency. We identify and characterize threats against your company assets - and evaluate those assets in terms of attractiveness, their adversary, and the consequences of their attack. The data is then used to interpret the perceived risk represented by these conditions and then evaluated with a tier based system to help guide companies through the process of understanding where they fit within new and existing government regulations.

Infrastruct Security, Inc. identifies potential security vulnerabilities hand-in-hand with the evaluation of risk mitigation options. We provide the customer with an assessment based on net risk reduction and individual cost/benefit analysis. The outcome is a qualitative resolution of risk to provide a sound basis for rank ordering of the security-related risks thus establishing priorities for the application of countermeasures.

Since the consultative process continues throughout installation and service, Infrastruct Security, Inc. is in the dynamic position to continually re-assess risk to ensure that adequate countermeasures are up to date.

Our Consulting Services:

Security Audits & Regulatory Compliance

  • Reporting
    • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
    • Crime Statistics
    • Methodologies and Approach
    • Summary of Existing Security Risks
    • Benefit/Cost Analysis of Improvements
    • Risk Reduction Recommendations for:
      • Policies and Procedures
      • Emergency Management
      • Training Policies
      • Local Crime Data Interpretation

Vulnerability Assessments
In Cooperation With TEEX

  • Assessment Process
    • Establish Client Security Goals
    • Technical Review of Facility Process and Operations
    • Threat Assessment and DBT
    • Site Inspection of Existing Security
    • Interviews with Key Staff
    • Prioritization and Risk Analysis
    • Post-Improvement Risk Analysis
  • Emergency Management
    • Internal Plans for Emergency Response
    • Operations Plans and Incident Command systems
    • Hazard Mitigation Plans
    • Emergency Business Continuity Plan
  • Security Enhancements Plan
    • Develop or Enhance Security Protocols
    • Prepare Physical Protection System (PPS)

  • Evacuation Planning
    • Evacuation Plans for Critical Facilities
    • Emergency Access to Critical Assets
    •  “Safe” Staging and Rally Areas
    • Building Evacuation Plans
    • Hot Site Rooms
  • Security and Engineering Design
    • Site and Facility Design
    • Security Systems Design

Experience-Based Training

  • Restricted Personnel Training
  • Limited Personnel Training
  • Employee Training
  • Tabletop Exercises and Drills
  • Certifications


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