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11/21/06: Infrastruct Security Acquires Two Local Security Firms

11/06/06: Integrator Partners with Public and Private Officials
IS Event featured in SDM Magazine

10/17/06: Kimmons Security Services, Inc. partners with Infrastruct Security to provide investigative services.

10/04/06: Department Of Homeland Security To Enforce New Chemical Security Legislation

09/22/06: Security Forum: Perspectives On Suicide Bombing

Card Readers or Biometric Devices Long Range Reader Systems Asset Tagging Systems Mustering Systems for Personnel Positioning Integrated Software Complete Gate Entry SystemsInfrastruct Security, Inc.
provides system design, CAD documentation, system commissioning and permitting. We use only the leading manufacturers of quality proximity readers, scramble keypads and biometric devices. Whether you want to control your own access system or would rather have Infrastruct Security, Inc. control and monitor them remotely for you, we are ready to meet your needs.

Access Control Systems we utilize and provide:

  • Card Readers
  • Biometric Devices
  • Long Range Reader Systems
  • Asset Tagging Systems
  • Mustering Point Reporting
  • Integrated Software
  • Gate Entry Systems

halco access controlhirsch access controlhid access controlkeyscan access controlsummit access control

Sample Product List :
1200S MAGNETIC LOCK Technical Support
305738 GE Security TPZ-SYS C Topaz Access Control W/Video Starter Kit 4 Panel Technical Support
305743 GE Security ACURT4-EX-PP 4 Reader Panel and four Prox  Technical Support
4104-08 X 32 Rutherford Door Strike 4104 24VAC/DC Fail Locked x 32 Technical Support
5355AGN00 HID  Proxpro Reader  Technical Support
5365EGP00 HID Mini Prox Reader Technical Support
8320 X 28 Ruterford DOUBLE MAG 12/24VDC X 28 Technical Support
8371 X 28 Ruterford SINGLE MINI MAG 12/24VDC X 28 Technical Support
Acurt2 Two-reader control panel Technical Support
ACURT4 Four-reader control panel Technical Support
C-1000B Controller Door Entry Technical Support
CAR-HID-C1386 Keyscan ISO-PROX-II CARDS Technical Support
CAR-SYSTEM-V Keyscan System V Software Technical Support
D67 Linear Wireless Receiver Technical Support
DS150i Bosch Request to Exit Motion Detector Technical Support
DS24 Radio Frequency Door Release Technical Support
DSI150 Door release motion detector Technical Support
FB03 X 28 Rutherford 1/2"X3/4"X10-1/2"  filler bar for 8310 maglock Technical Support
FB22 X 28 Rutherford 1/2" X 3/4" X 21" filler bar for 8320 maglock Technical Support
HID 5395-CG100 HID thinline-II reader Technical Support
LED Aiphone Weather Resistant Substation Technical Support
ND5WHSTD2P Wiring Duct (Standard White) Technical Support
PB006 mount PB006 Piezo (door prop open) mount above door Technical Support
RPX-421R Rutherford 2" red button door release Technical Support
RYPA Aiphone  Relay for Electric Door Lock Release Technical Support
AL400ULX Altronix 12VDC at 4 AMP 24VDC at 3 AMP UL Listed Burg. (UL603) Fire (UL 1481) Access control (UL294) Technical Support
AL600ULX Altronix 12VDC or 24VDC at 6 AMP UL Listed Fire (UL 1481) Access Control (UL 294) MEA/CSFM Approved Technical Support
TPZ-SRVR-SW Topaz Server Software  Technical Support
TPZ-ACURT2-SK Topaz Two-Reader Starter Kit (ACURT2 Control Panel & TPZ-SRVR-SW Server Software) Technical Support
TPZ-ACURT4-SK Topaz Four-Reader Starter Kit (ACURT4 Control Panel & TPZ-SRVR-SW Server Software) Technical Support
TPZ-SYS-A Topaz Two-Reader System (ACURT2 Control Panel, TPZ-SRVR-SW Software, Two TPZ-RPP2-60 READERS & 50 CARDS) Technical Support
TPZ-RPP2-60 Topaz Proxpoint Reader, 3" Read Range (HID-PP6005) Technical Support
TPZ-RPP2-50 Topaz Miniprox Reader 5" Read Range (HIF-MP5363) Technical Support
TPZ-RPP2-54 Topaz Proxpro Readers, 9" Read Range (HID-PR5355G) Technical Support
TPZ-RPP2-55 Topaz Proxpro Readers, 9" Read Range with Keyapd (HID-PK5355G) Technical Support
TPZ-RPP2-56 Topaz Maxiprox Long Range Reader, 24" Read Range (HID-MX5373) Technical Support
TPZ-RPP2-58 Topaz Reader, Thinline II Technical Support
TPZ-K11L Topaz 12 Button Keypad with LED'S Technical Support
TPZ-MOD-3 Topaz Host PC Modem, External, 33.6 K Baud  Technical Support
CAR-CA-200 Keyscan - control panel 2 reader Technical Support
CAR-CA-4000 Keyscan - control panel 4 reader Technical Support
CAR-CA-8000 Keyscan - control panel 8 reader Technical Support
CAR-EC2000 Keyscan Elevator control module Technical Support
HID-5365EGPOO HID Mini prox reader Technical Support
HID-5375-AGNOO HID Maxi prox reader Technical Support
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